Kinetic Spectrums

Kinetic Sepctrum

1,111 Spectrums. 100% onchain, generative NFTs.

Kinetic Spectrums is a generative collection of dynamic artworks stored on the Ethereum Network.

Each Spectrum is made by combining 2 to 5 layers of color. These layers multiply with each other and slowly rotate at a different speeds meaning your NFT is constantly changing color and evolving the longer you watch it.

combining colorscombining colorscombining colorscombining colorscombining colors

As well as their unique colors, each Spectrum has a layer of detail which defines its rarity. There are 6 levels of detail which are assigned randomly on mint.

Detail rarity


Detail rarity


Detail rarity


Detail rarity


Detail rarity


Detail rarity


Each Spectrum is generated on mint to be unique. All Spectrums are 100% onchain. This means they're stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Spectrums will live as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.